Agreed Upon Procedures (AUPS)

There are times when you need something other than an audit, compilation or review. When specific tests and procedures are required alongside reports on the results, we are here to help. Agreed upon procedures might include special reviews of bank accounts or internal control systems. Unique to agreed upon procedures is that you have to draw your own conclusions on the results of the tests to measure effectiveness.
At VentureINQ, we have the talent to customize a plan that is right for you.

Control review

Ineffective control system can significantly affect employee’s moral and motivation as well as the control environment of your affiliate corporations. VentureINQ conducts comprehensive controls reviews that give clients the framework to implement strong governance practices within their control environments. Our experienced and credentialed professionals uncover vulnerabilities through industry best-practice methodologies including Control Objectives.

Fraud investigation

Organizations today face the daunting possibility of allegations of wrongdoing from any number of sources—shareholders, anonymous whistleblowers, employees, customers and suppliers. Often, the board and management must respond rapidly to allegations in order to stem potential financial losses.
VentureINQ assists clients in evaluating allegations of fraud or other wrongdoing involving management, employees or third parties. We combine accounting, investigative, and industry resources to respond rapidly and thoroughly to a variety of allegations.