Cash Management Services

Support for cash management, from cash flow management to payment operations, in cooperation with the parent company

Overview of Cash Management Services

  • Establishment of payment processes
  • Collection of vendors invoices
  • Preparation of Payment release request
  • Management of online banking
  • Payment execution of salary and vendors invoices
  • Payment of social insurance and taxes
  • Payment of inhabitant tax
  • Execution of international wire transfer
  • Preparation of bank statement in English
  • Preparation of cash flow projection

VentureINQ's approach

For foreign companies with a small number of employees, it is not possible to assign an accountant, so the representative of the Japanese subsidiary is responsible for payment operations. In addition, the parent company may feel uneasy about entrusting all payment duties to the representative of the Japanese subsidiary, and therefore may want to outsource all accounting operations, including payment.

We can provide payment services by compiling approved individual invoices into a Payment release request in English on your behalf. We can efficiently perform a series of operations from cash flow management to payment operations on behalf of the representative of the Japanese subsidiary.