Business Advisory

Business Advisory

GAAP Consultation(IFRS and USGAAP)

In a world that is becoming flatter by the day, there is general agreement that the adoption of global accounting standards is inevitable—and is a necessary development.
While the timetable and specifics of the implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in the United States and Japan have yet to be finalized, many companies are using the time to thoroughly prepare for the transition. VentureINQ’s USGAAP and IFRS specialists help companies develop IFRS transition plans from USGAAP or Japan GAAP based financial statement. We will propose plans customized to the capabilities of their accounting functions, their particular accounting methodologies, and the trajectories of their businesses.

Transactional Advisory

VentureINQ’s Transactional Advisory Practice has extensive experience helping companies successfully close deals and provides buyers and sellers with the intelligence to make informed risk/reward decisions. Our full range of service include due diligence, acquisition integration, and other transaction advisory services.

Valuation Advisory

Valuations are critical for a range of business transactions as well as compliance requirements. Accurate valuation requires an understanding of the strategic context at hand and expertise in the technical application of valuation methods.
We provide international clients with valuation services. Our expertise includes covering business enterprises, intangible assets, common and preferred stock.