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VentureINQ has a partnership with Gradient Consulting for AI technology startups who are willing to enter into Japanese market.  Mike Kim is a founder of Gradient Consulting that excels in delivering advanced AI technology, particularly companies with generative AI capabilities. Whether you are developing AI solutions or seeking AI-driven services, Gradient provides guidance and support in harnessing the full potential of artificial intelligence.


Mike is a seasoned executive who has headed up APAC and understands the unique revenue challenges faced by startups. We believe that a proven approach can significantly speed up the sales cycle of new products and solutions and reduce the risk associated with generating revenue. with over 20 years of experience in the APAC region, Mike has developed and refined an Asia-Pacific go-to-market He has developed and refined a playbook to ensure success.

During his tenure as Asia Pacific Regional Director, Mike developed, implemented, and maintained a three-year strategic plan that included goals, strategies, tactics, and measurements. His accomplishments include:



-Accelerate the pace of new B2B corporate client engagements, with more than 50% of global clients located in the APAC region.

-Recognize the value of existing customers as a reliable source of revenue and maintain and expand customer accounts.

-Establish strategic partnerships based on long-term revenue.

-Successfully executed marketing plans to increase awareness and generate inbound leads.

-Market entry and expansion into nine Asia Pacific countries.

-Realization of multi-million dollar commercial and government transactions, including the largest commercial and government transaction in company history.

-Consistent management and expansion of numerous multi-million dollar accounts over the years.

Clients & Testimonials

“Gradient Consulting’s expertise in Japan has helped us build our business. Their strong relationships and deep track record have helped us increase our pipeline and advance many opportunities. We now have a deal flow of over 15 opportunities. I refer to Mike as our ‘secret weapon’ and our ‘boots on the ground’. With his help we already have a robust reputation and have signed a top 15 company in Japan with many others on the horizon. We are very happy with our collaboration with Gradient Consulting and the Japan business we are building together.”

Adam Rice

ClimateAi, Vice President of Sales

“I was introduced to Mike through our investor Sequoia Capital who recommended him as a resource for us to work with. We leveraged Gradient Consulting’s strong relationships to meet with a number of Asia Pacific companies and within 5 months signed one of the largest companies in Japan as a customer. The customer is a perfect fit falling within our target industries and shows promise to develop into a valuable strategic partnership.”

Charles Wong

Bifrost AI, CEO